Since 1987 Champlain College has offered a supportive atmosphere for single parents through its Single Parents Program. The program provides exceptional advocacy and support to participants through workshops, access to resources, and services designed to help students reach their educational and professional goals. The Single Parent Scholarship also provides generous tuition assistance for financially eligible, full-time single parent students.  In 2009, the program enrolled approximately 50 Vermonters. Visit the  Single Parents Program on Champlain College's website.


"I chose Champlain College for its Single Parents Program. I recognized the

 program could give me the assistance I needed to make the transition from

 a stay-at-home mom to a full-time student. Their counselors really cared

 and they made the transition much easier. The help I received from the Single

 Parents Program was invaluable during my time at Champlain. I came to

 Champlain for and education to better myself in the career field. What I received

 was a life changing experience."


 - Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, 1998



The College of St. Joseph offers the STEPS program to help youth in Vermont State custody transition to higher education and may serve as a model that can be replicated for foster youth throughout the nation.  Dr. Frank Miglorie, president of the college and designer of the program, says, “The STEPS program supports the belief that all young people, regardless of their personal circumstances, should be given the chance to develop into confident, healthy, and upstanding adults who can be productive in society and inspirational to others." To learn more, click, STEPS.



“STEPS provided me with the opportunity to perform on a undergraduate level. It has given me the financial means and security to earn Bachelors Degree. … The program has acted as a parent, just as the college community has acted as family.”


- Peter Guetti, ’12


Member of STEPS first graduating class

Engaging Non-traditional Students