At Bennington College, students work with those children who seem least likely to succeed—who often come from chaotic home lives, extreme poverty, and traumatic histories—and give them the chance to make a “quantum leap.”


The Quantum Leap program aims not merely to get these students back in school so they can make it through, but to help them discover a love for learning that will allow them to prevail.



The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT) was awarded a grant from the Vermont Department of Education to improve the reading comprehension skills of 4th-12th grade students. The Advanced Reading In Vermont Education (ARIVE) pilot project has worked with five partner schools, including Brattleboro Area Middle School; Twin Valley High School; Twin Valley Middle School/Whitingham Elementary School; Leland & Gray High School; Townshend Elementary School; and Rochester School.






Youth Outreach