At Bennington College, students work with those children who seem least likely to succeed—who often come from chaotic home lives, extreme poverty, and traumatic histories—and give them the chance to make a “quantum leap.”


The Quantum Leap program aims not merely to get these students back in school so they can make it through, but to help them discover a love for learning that will allow them to prevail.



The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT) was awarded a grant from the Vermont Department of Education to improve the reading comprehension skills of 4th-12th grade students. The Advanced Reading In Vermont Education (ARIVE) pilot project has worked with five partner schools, including Brattleboro Area Middle School; Twin Valley High School; Twin Valley Middle School/Whitingham Elementary School; Leland & Gray High School; Townshend Elementary School; and Rochester School.


Students at Green Mountain College recently collaborated with nearby Poultney High School as part of a Women’s Studies course. Working in groups with a variety of partners, one group focused on body image issues with Poultney High School students; one group conducted oral history interviews on Green Mountain College’s transition from a female-only to co-ed institution; and one student provided a variety of services to the Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter.


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHC) founded the ACPHS Academy, an after school program that promotes math and science education for local, at-risk elementary school students near its main campus in New York. Since 2006, ACPHS Academy students have met twice a week for ten weeks each semester. Classes are led by local elementary school teachers, with ACPHS students assisting in the role of mentors.


ACPHS Academy uses an interactive approach to learning that is designed to raise interest and improve performance by students - not only in the subjects of mathematics and science, but in their other studies as well. By hosting the ACPHS Academy classes on the campus, the program also helps introduce students to the college experience at a young age and shows how college can be part of their futures.  ACPHC hopes to do the same with elementary school students near its Colchester, Vermont campus.



Youth Outreach